Refrigerated Warehouse Services

We store and manage inventory for food manufacturers and distributors, offering them cost efficiency and saving them the time and effort of coordinating multiple logistics providers. Our temperature-controlled warehouse offers frozen, chilled and dry storage as well as E-commerce Fulfillment ServicesCross Docking and Trans-loading services are also offered facilitating receiving, breaking down and shipping product from overseas containers or other locations.

Transportation Services

As a full-service third-party logistics provider, we make sure our customers’ products reach their destination on time and at the right temperature. We offer fast and safe, temperature-controlled LTL and truckload transportation throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic States, and can arrange transportation for our customers across the U.S.

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Services Overview

Superior Cold Storage runs a third-party logistics operation that can be scaled and customized to each customer’s needs. Our clients have access to one provider for all their temperature-controlled supply chain needs. We provide a variety of services hard to find among logistic companies including temperature-controlled storage, inventory management, cross docking, trans-loading as well as E-commerce fulfillment services, sorting, repacking relabeling and shipping.

We offer E-commerce Fulfilment services, including flow rack conveyor systems, for high volume pick, pack and ship. Extensive experience in specialized routing guides, dedicated customer service professionals and qualified fulfilment workers, same day shipping on all orders in by 3pm EST. The order fulfilment process includes: 1) Receiving product and setting up in our 3PL system in order to start fulfilling your orders, 2) Picking your order, 3)  securely pack (with proper ice packs and contents to secure products, and 5) shipping the completed cases (Fed Ex, UPS or other source of shipping per Customer preference). Competitive costs for all services.

Cross-docking is a process in warehousing, of unloading products from an incoming tractor trailer truck and re loading pallets unto other trucks (by Customer or Vendor preference). This procedure, avoids little or minimal storage in between. This may be done to change the type of conveyance, to sort products intended for different destinations, or to combine products from different origins into transport vehicles, with the same or similar destinations.

Trans loading refers to the process of receiving overseas containers and unloading them through a warehouse. Trans loading is recommended, when more than one mode of transportation is required for the entire duration of the shipment. It is most commonly used, when shipping internationally, and across different types of geographical challenges.

The services we offer allow our customers to avoid the costs of operating a warehouse and instead focus on its core business. The client gets flexibility in resources and workforce size instead of the responsibility of a costly logistics operation.

  • Note: Contact Ruben Napoles (owner) for a detailed evaluation of your specific needs.

We offer temperature-controlled transportation services including LTL and truckload transportation throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states

Our focus is to provide excellent service to every client. We are focused on our clients’ business goals and we value all customers, no matter their size.

We take pride in our service and support, and are always looking for new ways to help our customers.

Superior Cold Storage is “Evolving with YOUR Business Needs”





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