Refrigerated Warehouse Services

We store and manage inventory for food manufacturers and distributors offering them cost efficiency and saving them the time and effort of coordinating multiple logistics providers. As a family-owned and operated company, our clients receive the highest level of service because the owners are hands-on in the daily management of the business.

Our temperature-controlled warehouse offers frozen, chilled and dry storage.  A sample of our clients include a chocolate retailer with stores throughout the northeast, a company offering healthy snacks, a US company importing German cheese and butter, and an international company manufacturing cheeses, ice cream and pasta.  These are some of the companies that rely on us to manage their frozen and chilled inventory and prepare it for shipping to markets all over the US.

Superior has a US Customs Bonded Area able to accommodate chilled and frozen foreign commodities. We can store goods for a defined period of time while they clear US Customs, saving clients significant dollars.

Access to inventory is available for our customers who need it anytime and anywhere with our powerful warehouse management system (WMS), 3PL Central.  This state of the art WMS provides the customer with access to inventory, releases, pick-ups, deliveries and other information from a smartphone, tablet or desktop.  Visit for more information.


Picking, Packing. Relabeling, and Shipping

E-Commerce and Order Preparation:
Picking | Packing | Relabeling

In addition to storing our customer’s temperature-controlled products, we offer customized services:  E-commerce fulfilment services, including flow rack conveyor systems, for high volume pick, pack and ship. Extensive experience in specialized routing guides, dedicated customer service professionals and qualified fulfilment workers, same day shipping on all orders in by 3pm EST. Competitive costs for all services.


The order fulfilment process includes: 1) Receiving product and setting up in our 3PL system to fulfill your orders, 2) Picking your order, 3)  securely pack (with proper ice packs and contents to secure products, and 5) shipping the completed cases (Fed Ex, UPS or other source of shipping per Customer preference).

We also handle packing, re-labeling, shrink wrapping and more.  We specialize in temperature controlled and time sensitive deliveries.

Our customers can focus their efforts on growing their business rather than focusing on managing a warehouse and distribution. The costs and challenges that come with managing a warehouse is not what most companies went into business for. They prefer to hire a logistics partner to manage the storage and distribution of its products.

Cross Docking | Trans Loading | Consolidation Services

Flexible layouts allow Superior to offer cross-docking, trans loading and consolidation services.

We can offer Cross Docking services to minimize the time and costs to get your product to market and reduce drayage costs.  Your product can be taken from a supplier and then distributed by us directly to the end user or retails outlets with minimal handling or storage time, bypassing your own warehouse or distribution center.

We receive containers from tractor trailers and transfer the loads to box trucks for delivery to their final destination with minimal or no warehousing.

Re-work poorly loaded trailers (excess weight on axles of trailers, re-palletization issues, etc.

Trans loading containers onto over-the-road trailers

Cross Docking and Trans Loading
Shipping Product Client

Shipping Client Product

Our clients can take advantage of cross-docking and shipping services out of our warehouse since we partner with freight forwarders to ship product throughout the U.S. We take particular care in the handling of delicate merchandize to make sure the product arrives safely. A customer who received a load of flower bulbs we managed for a distributor in the Netherlands praised our handling of the delicate flower bulbs, stating:

“Just wanted to let you know that our Denver/Memphis shipment arrived at its destination on time and in great shape! Over the course of time I frankly had lost confidence in a shipper's ability in doing something which, in my opinion, does not require rocket science, but simply some effort and common sense. Luckily, we finally seem to have found someone that cares and gets the job done as it should be done! Thank you, Ruben.”

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